Хладилно оборудване за търговски обекти
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Onix is available in 3 variety of versions like delicatessen and dairy products (DL), fresh meat (MT) and fruit & vegetables (FV)

It is possible to customize each Onix to suit your specific store colours or to meet your own product led requirements for merchandising. Options include, cabinet exteriors and interiors in any RAL colour, many end wall combinations covering colour, mirror and glazing, profit shelving, controllers through to full cabinet branding.

The Onix Slim is designed as a slim cabinet specifically for retail areas where space is a premium. Sharing the low front height of 325 mm with the Standard Onix due to the reduced case depth of 750 mm, the Slim is able to be placed in many areas where a normal size cabinet would not. Available in heights 2050 mm and 2200 mm.


  Grid front riser
  Plexi front riser
  Wire shelf
  Plexi shelf divider
  Grid shelf divider
  Basin divider
  Base grids
  Grid shelf divider
  Wire basket
  Front thermopane glass
  Shelf ligting
  Hook bar
  Night blind
  Mirror (FV&MT)
  Adjustable shelf bracket
  Panoramic side panel
  Closed side panel
  Mirrored side panel
EGE Shop Build Ви представя търговско оборудване от реномирания и признат производител Kaplanlar A.S. Една компания с глобално присъствие и дълъг опит в производството на хладилна техника за търговски обекти. Продуктите на Kaplanlar са екологично чисти и отговарят на европейските стандарти за качество: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, GOST, Stankosert Certificate и TUV - CE.

"Като производител ние сме отговорни за околната среда, като работодател ние сме отговорни за нашите служители, като доставчик, ние сме отговорни за нашите клиенти."

Kaplanlar A.S.



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