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EGE Shop Build

Търговско оборудване Kaplanlar

EGE Shop Build Ви представя търговско оборудване от реномирания и признат производител Kaplanlar A.S. Една компания с глобално присъствие и дълъг опит в производството на хладилна техника за търговски обекти.

Продуктите на Kaplanlar са екологично чисти и отговарят на европейските стандарти за качество: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, GOST, Stankosert Certificate и TUV - CE.

Бъдещето в търговията на дребно!



Aventurine, which enables the display of delicatessen, meat, fish, ready food and appetizers on the very same line, is produced with either static or air-blast cooling system alternatives.

The static cooling system (Aventurin /AT) which is specially designed for meat products provides not only the ideal temperature for display but also prevents the meat from running dry -by having no air circulation-and thus allows the product to meet its customers with its freshest state.

With its 170° opening glass and graded damper addon, Aventurin creates easiness for product placement and eliminates light reflections and thus puts visual quality of your products to the forefront by means of its perpendicular glass.

Aventurin creates harmony with your store’s concept with its wood dressing, painted or stainless steel options for the rear and/or side panels.

The stainless front bar panel, while enlarging your display area, creates ergonomic usage for your customers. Product-specific accessories such as nylon bag storage, cutting board and knife box create user-friendliness while enhancing display elegance.



  Module divider
  Tiered shelves
  Protected hook
  Pricoplex products
  Recycling bin
  Roll up paper storage
  Paper storage
  Pricoplex products
  Cutting board
  Stainless steel book bar
  Module divider
  Pricoplex products


Kehribar, specially designed for patisserie products with its cascading shelves and round outlook, harmonizes easily with your store’s concept with its rich colour range.

The sliding back-cover mirrors and shelf-specific adjustable lighting system increase visual quality richness.

Kehribar, while uniting aesthetics and user-friendliness with powerful cooling capacity creates usage easiness for different scale patisserie, supermarkets, hypermarkets and hotels.

Kehribar enables the display of your products on the same line by means of its multi-temperature variations; heating option for pastry, cooling option for cakes and neutral temperature option for cookies.



Moonstone, chosen by a number of retailers varying from small scale markets to hypermarkets, provides stylish, practical and amazingly large sections with its minimized and modular design.

The panoramic side panel enlarges the product display angle while the front basket module enables comfortable display of cooling-free products together in one section.

Designed for narrow spaces, plug-in Moonstone provides large display area with its 450 mm shelves.

The rich colour range provides displays that will easily harmonize with your brand's and store's concept.



We are well aware that the need for energy saving and large display areas have gained priority in our customer's choices. We have designed Sedef to address your expectations with high display capacity and energy saving.

The cabinet cools down to operating temperature within only an hour after being connected to electric power and gets ready for displaying your products. Although it is plug-in, Sedef provides with more display area than usual, thanks to its low front height.



  Plexi front riser
  Grid front riser
  Glass shelf
  Plexi shelf divider
  Grid shelf divider
  Basin divider
  Sliding or hinged door
  Manual night blind
  Canopy or under shelf led lighting
  Front thermopane glass
  Shelf lighting T5 / T8
  Hook bar